Hi I am JaydaRaquel ... the crazy girl that dreams so extreme and big that all my dreams flutter away ... I am the hard-worker that seems to never give up... I find Beauty, I find Joy, I give Love and Comfort.... Flowers are beautiful.... Rainbows are breathtaking......The sky is Amazing ....I try Smile and Laugh in every situation hide
Y’all go vote for Miss Dillard for Ebony’s Campus Queen http://www.ebony.com/campusqueens/138/#axzz2z1TBC05d vote as many times as you can she is trying to make history.
One of my favorite Deltas! Blurry pic. #22 #TheHitman
Y’all go vote for my friend Miss Ebony Campus Queens the link is in my bio and while you are at it follow her! @great_est92

http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=qFMJJ4Eeybc&u=/watch?v=PJbu5n-hzS4&feature=share ↘

Art exists because life is not enough.

- Ferreira Gullar (via tierradentro)
Headed home. All smiles 😊😊



hahahah yusss



Sex isn’t special. Sex with a special person is special.


Dedication. [x]
Good girls are bad girls that just never got caught. πŸ’‹
Give me somewhere to stand and I will move the earth -Archimedes