Hi I am JaydaRaquel ... the crazy girl that dreams so extreme and big that all my dreams flutter away ... I am the hard-worker that seems to never give up... I find Beauty, I find Joy, I give Love and Comfort.... Flowers are beautiful.... Rainbows are breathtaking......The sky is Amazing ....I try Smile and Laugh in every situation hide

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Art exists because life is not enough.

- Ferreira Gullar (via tierradentro)
Headed home. All smiles 😊😊



hahahah yusss



Sex isn’t special. Sex with a special person is special.


Dedication. [x]
Good girls are bad girls that just never got caught. πŸ’‹
Give me somewhere to stand and I will move the earth -Archimedes
My life!! #Goals #SelfMade I can’t wait to build my empire!! #keepwatching #IGotThis 😏😘
The message: Simply Smile
I have nothing to lose but EVERYTHING to prove!